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Hi, I'm Alisa Marie . I'm from Ohio. I'm Single , fuck you. I have a handful of friends that I love. I'm a bitch and probably hate you, but if you're nice I'm nice back. I've been to a lot of schools I'm currently home schooled. I got to a lot of concerts it's my life. My favorite band is Breathe Carolina, don't tell me how much you like them I really don't care. I really Don't Give A Fuck, . I hold grudges so don't piss me off. I'm addicted to getting piercing.I'm smart, but I type with no grammar & I usually don't make sense, that's just me. I can't spell worth shit, hop off. I hope to go some where in life. I'm " Straightedge , I don't smoke or drink by choice, yet 90% of my friends do I can go to a party and have fun without it. I hate girls. I over exaggerate by numbers , nothing big it runs in the family. I love my family & friends, don't fuck with them. My favorite show is Angel & supernatural. I'm easily angered and annoyed. If you start shit with me I'll never drop it. I'm mature in the most part. I love money and shopping, I'm quite addicted.I honestly look down on a lot of people, I think I'm better than a lot of people too I can't help it. Over all Im really nice and fun, but I can be really bitchy and I hate a lot of things. xxx
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